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Our award-winning financial service considers your specific needs. We offer tailored tax planning, wealth management and accountancy advice; together these target your unique short, medium and long-term goals.
Details matter in sport and can have a massive impact on your career. All your club and commercial contracts will be handled by the UK’s leading sport lawyers ensuring that whatever has been negotiated on your behalf gets done.
Today’s players live their lives in the glare of the media. We will raise your profile by making the most of this publicity through social media, branding and sponsorship deals. We will maximise your opportunities and help you build and protect your brand.
Midas Lifestyle
You work hard on the pitch, so we want you and your family to enjoy life once you’re off it. Midas Lifestyle is our luxury concierge service and offers you exclusive access to the most sought-after shows, restaurants and hotels in the world. Practical as well as fun, Midas Lifestyle can help with anything from buying a car to finding a new home. Say what you want and we'll try to make it happen.
"Nicky and Andrew have been there for me and my family since day one. From general advice to guidance around contracts and commercial deals, nothing has ever been too much to ask from them and the rest of the team. We’ve had a laugh along the way too."
Curtis Jones
Liverpool FC
"I’ve been with Midas for 15 years, from the very start of my professional career.  As soon as I had the interview with Steve, I could see he was trustworthy, dynamic and intelligent. Choosing Midas to represent me was an incredibly easy decision and has proven to be one of the best choices I’ve made in my career. Midas have always had the best intentions for my career – as a professional footballer, as an individual and when planning for retirement and jobs after that. Their support is endless. They are there for the player both on and off the pitch and show a willingness to go that bit further. It allows things to run incredibly smoothly in what can be a stressful profession. What I’ve always appreciated is that Midas are exactly the kind of people I want to be negotiating and discussing contracts on my behalf. Midas have always acted with integrity. Their excellent strategy and complete composure have allowed me to feel wholly satisfied with every contract I have signed and every move I have been advised on. Midas have helped me explore all the different avenues within this industry through their extensive network and list of contacts in media, advertising and sponsorship. I’ve had direct meetings and phone calls with some of the biggest names working in football. As a company, they are incredibly driven and represent players across all of Europe. This gives wider opportunity for British players to explore football further afield. It also demonstrates the vast experience and coverage Midas has within the industry. To me, Midas means: trustworthy, loyal, proficient, successful, family."
George Friend,
Middlesbrough FC
"Choosing Midas was a very smart, wise choice by me and my family. I am able to keep my head down and focus on my game whilst the team sort out my needs in the best way possible.
With any ups or downs, I know that I’m a phone call away from some of the biggest names in the footballing world. Not only has Midas provided great support on the pitch, I feel they have made me become a better person off it. That’s why Midas shines out for me.
They have shown loyalty and kindness to both me and my family. Their willingness and commitment to caring for us all in the best way possible will always be remembered. I’m looking forward to continuing working with Steve, David and the Midas team throughout my career."
Dejan Tetek,
Reading FC
"I spent most of my professional playing career being looked after by Midas. The whole team were always on hand, be it in person or on the phone. They were extremely professional in their approach to my needs on and off the pitch and supported me through club and international life, injuries, transfers and, most recently, when announcing my retirement. Family is key. They didn’t just look after me, they looked after my family as well. Their continued support is present to this day and they are helping in this new chapter of my life after playing."
Chris Baird,
Retired Premier League and international player
"I’ve been with Midas throughout my career. I’ve gained a lot of different experiences – from youth international trips to going out on loan to New York Red Bulls. I can say that whatever I’ve been going through both Hughsey and Steve have helped and been there for me. Not only are they brilliant for on the pitch stuff, talking through what to improve on and guiding you, they are also genuine, down-to-earth people who you can speak with on a personal level. They are like family. The whole group are very determined to get the best for you and work hard to achieve this. I can’t recommend them enough and I appreciate massively what they have done and continue to do for me."
Josh Sims,
Southampton FC
"I have been represented by Midas from a young age and I cannot fault them in anything they have done for me. From my first professional contract at Rochdale to my transfer to Wolves, as well as many other things including my boot and kit deal with Adidas, nothing has ever been too much to ask of them. Nicky makes constant effort with me, calling or meeting me after games, he gives me advice on how to improve my game and always wishes me good luck prior to a game. During my transfer to Wolves he made sure my day ran as smoothly as possible focusing on me being comfortable and aware of exactly what was going on as he does for everything, without fail – there are no secrets. I can’t thank Midas enough for everything that they’ve done for me - recognising my potential at such a young age and providing me with the opportunities that they have."
Luke Matheson,
Wolverhampton Wanderers FC
"Dave and the rest of the Midas team have been very good to me and my dad. When I first moved to England, I thought I was going to struggle being away from my family, but they have always made sure I am okay. As well as being people who care about my football, since living away from home they have always been on hand when I have had any worries about where I was living, my food or just checking that I am alright. I speak to Dave after every game and his advice ensures I continue to push myself to be the very best I can."
Ryan Cassidy,
Watford FC