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Discreet and Delicious

Sport science in general, and nutrition in particular, has now become as important in football as fitness and skills training. Professional footballers are now at such a consistently high level of fitness and ability that many are looking for new ways to give them the edge. The cream of Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale, have both spoken of the difference which having a private chef has made. Whilst these European superstars have pioneered the idea, players throughout the game are now waking up to the advantages a private chef can provide. More and more players in the Premier League are turning to private chefs to boost their performance… are you?

Discreet and Delicious offers a private chef service which is completely bespoke, tailored to the needs of the player. Some will have five days a week, some just two or three. Some will be on their own; others will have friends or family living with them. Some will plan what they want to eat in advance; others will want to decide on the day. Some want just a main course, some two or three. Whatever the specific arrangements for the player are, the common factor is that we source fresh ingredients and cook the meals on the day, ensuring that the food is at its most nutritious and delicious when put on the plate.

Typically, players prefer to choose what they want to eat on the day. We arrive at their house during the afternoon and talk to them about the menu for that evening. We write a shopping list, to include stock items for the kitchen if they are running low and for the household, if the client wants us to. This process happens quietly and without any fuss, the player is welcome to be involved at any stage, but that is entirely up to them. We get back from shopping for supplies and set about preparing and cooking the food. We set the table and serve the meal, at the time the player specifies. After they have enjoyed their meal, we clear the table and clean the kitchen before leaving.

Our aim is to make the players’ lives as stress free as possible. They don’t need to bother stopping at the supermarket when they are tired after training, we do all the food shopping for them. If they need something for the house, we can get that too while we are at the shops… no toilet roll? No problem.

They don’t even have to talk to us; we can take all of our instructions by text message if they prefer. The player doesn’t need to worry about understanding the nutrition advice they are given and what food they are eating, they can trust us to feed them the right food and make it taste delicious . We can work with them to make tweaks to flavour and texture until it is just as they like it… spicier, sweeter, thinner, crunchier.

Our chefs already have a good understanding of performance nutrition, but we like to work with the player’s personal or club nutritionists to ensure that we are providing exactly the food that they need and none of the food that they shouldn’t have. A lot of the food recommended by nutritionists, whilst undoubtedly good for the player, can be rather dull and uninspiring… who wants to eat chicken or fish with brown rice and kale every day? What we do is add the cheffy know-how to make those foods interesting and tasty without diluting the nutritional value. By working with the nutritionist, we can even tailor the food to specific training sessions or match days.

We believe in a holistic approach to looking after our players. We can be more than just chefs, doing whatever we can to make their lives easier. When a player moves club we can help settle them into their new home, figuring out how the dishwasher or microwave works with them, kitting out the kitchen with crockery and cutlery, or just being there for deliveries. We can provide chefs who speak different languages so that foreign players feel more at ease.

We treat every player as an individual and provide a service that meets their need. We are used to being in their home so can react accordingly, sometimes it is relaxed and chatty but other days it may be quieter. The player also gets used to us being there so they can fully relax, and behave as if we weren’t there. Our team are experienced with high-profile clients so we are totally discreet; we’ve seen it all before and you can be certain that nothing will go outside the client’s four walls from us. To us, the player is just a person; neither a number 10 nor a benchwarmer… we don’t ask for anything from them, we just want to cook them nutritious tasty food.

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