Why does a footballer need an interior designer?


When you’re a footballer…. you’re busy training, going to physio, playing matches and analysing them, do you have the time, energy and resources to create the ‘wow’ factor in your home?

Everyone deserves to live in an incredible space, one that not only looks stunning and reflects your lifestyle and personality, but is also functional. This does not happen by chance.  However, many people think that hiring an interior designer will be too expensive, or that they’d lose control or are just unsure of how the process works.

Here are 10 resons why the first step you make when next improving your home should be to hire an interior designer.

1. We bring trained expertise to your project

If you hire an accredited designer (for example a Member of the British Interior Design Association, like myself) you can rest assured that we have fully studied both the technical and aesthetic aspects of interior design. We plan spaces based on the principles of design: scale and proportion, balance, rhythm, emphasis, and harmony and also focus on the fundamentals of design: space, line, shape, texture, light and colour.

2. We save you time

We understand what needs to be done and when to do it. We anticipate difficulties and hurdles you might not be aware of, coming up with solutions to problems and challenges that projects present.

Canford - Kitchen and dining2







3. Dream Genie

We make stuff happen and make it happen quicker.

4. We save you money

We provide access to deals that are only offered to the trade. We also know and respect the importance of a budget.

5. Rock & roll time

We will work with you, refining your vision, taking your ideas and making them better and adding a new perspective. We have the confidence to push you beyond your comfort zone, when needed, to achieve something truly exciting.

6. ‘Little Black Book’

We can connect you to good people. We work with a wide variety of talented trades people that we have tried and tested and can introduce you to one that is perfect for your particular job.

7. One of a kind

We can create bespoke pieces totally unique to you from concept to being intricately detailed and drawn and then expertly produced.







8. We can prevent costly mistakes

Because we’re trained professionals, we can steer you clear of those common mistakes and help you to make the right choices the first time.

9. ‘Stylists Own’/New Products

We provide access to new and exciting products, but also know how to use and love your old pieces. We have the ability to mix and match new and old, designer and high street.

10. We simplify your life

We do all the tough bits for your like budgets, scheduling, liaising with contractors and suppliers.  Not only that, we strive to understand the way you live so that after the project you will be left with not only a more beautiful home, but a functional one aimed to enhance your daily life.

And an extra reason for good measure……


11. See Before you buy

We can create plans, elevations, renders and visualisations to enable you to envision the completed look of your project before its even started.

The savings you receive from your investment are remarkable; saving time, saving money and saving peace of mind. You have an expert working with you, someone who will make sure the end result is exactly what you were hoping for. For more information, please contact

Pictures and content all courtesy of Emma Green.               Emma Green Design

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