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Dress up or Down?

Following an active week on the pitch in the same uniform, it is understandable some  men can’t wait to hit the high street for a night out on the town with their pals; others go for a more casual wind down situation. Whether opting for a more dressed up or dressed down end to your week, it can be daunting when breaking your style rut from your football kit. The desire to dress the part is there, however, the majority of men aren’t known for their love of shopping. It does not help that wardrobe inspiration can be hard to find, so our expert stylists have compiled some helpful wardrobe guidelines for you to follow this season.

Casual Days

Pin-striped, tweed and plaid are all great suit jacket options to mix and match with the rest of your wardrobe. If you already own one (or all) of these, you can easily pair them with their matching trouser. You can also switch it up with ‘one-wash’ jeans (preferably slim fitted) for something casual, or a pair of navy or beige chinos for an autumn-friendly look. When tackling the confusion of a clashing shirt and tie, a helpful thing to refer to is the colour wheel. Remembering complimentary colours can help cut time of  your whole endeavour in half. For example a navy-blue blazer, light-blue pin stripe shirt and golden brown embroidered tie work seamlessly together.







Hat | Jeans | Blazer | Top | Broach | Trainers | Sunglasses

Dressing Up for Autumn

Being in the profession that you are, you have probably acquired a mountain load of T-shirts, but that is good news! Because they are your best friend when it comes to smart casual dressing.

Sort through your collection to find your solid coloured smart casual T-shirts and pair with your favourite worn-in jeans. Alternatively, you can further give a jeans look  some depth by dressing them up with a smart shirt and camel coat, this will transform your look instantly. We can’t help the binding association a shirt has to formal wear, so this should always be your starting point. Chelsea boots, penny loafers and brogues are all perfect shoes for your off-duty attire that still portray a pulled together look with style and edge. A classic trench coat or a dark tone Barbour wax jacket compliment the shoes and complete the outfit. Accessorising your look with a briefcase or leather satchel really ties the whole look together, Clean cut and finished.







Coat | Jumper | Trousers | Satchel | Wist-strap | Glasses | Chelsea boots

Still Need Help?

Create a specific list of what’s missing in your wardrobe, and set out to find the perfect items. This ensures that creating perfect looks will be a breeze every day. Men’s work wardrobe inspiration can be difficult to tap into, but your Style Doctor is ready to help you. If you’d like to make the most of your money on an efficient and fun shopping trip, book a session with one of our stylists today.

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