Sean Reed – Football Coach

Meeting the Needs of Individual Players

Sean has over 15 years of experience working in professional football, from the development of youth players as an Academy Coach, to working with senior players in the Premier League. An UEFA ‘A’ coach, Sean’s most recent role was as First Team Coach for Fulham FC in the Championship.











Sean is now providing coaching sessions that are position specific and are built to meet the needs of the individual player.

The sessions will be tailored specifically to what the player is looking to work on and related to their game. Identifying areas that they want to strengthen or develop, finding how this can be achieved and how it can be monitored. Feedback and discussions will be going on with the player and Sean, both continuously working together in order to develop these specific parts of their game.

Development Focus

The sessions are player driven and designed to meet the needs of the individual.









Working on specific skills, movements, cognitive abilities and character, which will be challenging, but also enjoyable.

Who is this relevant to?

  • Senior players
  • Youth team players
  • In contract
  • Out of contract
  • Off season
  • Returning from injury (position specific)
  • Players at all levels

Player Driven
















For more information, or to contact Sean, please visit his web page

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