Car Insurance: Professional Footballer turned Professional Insurance Broker?

Insuring Your Car

You’re unlikely to meet a professional insurance broker who wouldn’t rather be a professional footballer. No surprise there, but what is surprising is how many footballers fancy themselves as professional insurance brokers. Honest.

Whenever you use a comparison site for your car insurance, or consider suggestions from family and friends, you swap your football kit for a business suit. Why?

Comparison Sites

All the answers you put into a quote site when looking for car insurance are down to you. Misunderstand a question and guess? It’s down to you. Play around with answers in search of a lower price? It’s down to you.

If you’re a footballer, even if you’re currently only an academy player, you have to disclose it. It’s what insurers call a Material Fact. Don’t disclose it and your policy is worth less than an autographed photo of the club mascot.

Comparison sites are fine. But, only if the information you put in is accurate and true.

Remember: rubbish in = rubbish out.

Dodgy advice

Here are some common ones:

  • Get your parents to insure the car and tell the insurer that you only use it occasionally
  • Tell them you’re a student

Now you’re parents are Fronting and you’re failing to disclose a Material Fact

So what? You’ve got an insurance certificate, so what are the chances of getting caught out? Well pretty good actually.

  • Nearly a quarter of 18-24 year old drivers have a crash within two years of passing their tests*
  • Young male drivers are involved in more crashes than young female drivers*

Claims managers are trained to scrutinise claims and you’re more likely than any other group of drivers to have one.

So, if you want to avoid a very awkward conversation with your manager after you’ve reversed into his car in the training ground car park, get some sound insurance advice from a professional.

To help you, Midas Sports Management has teamed up with Bluefin Private Clients. None of them will be challenging you for your place in the team, but they will ensure you buy insurance that will keep your manager happy.

If you would like to be put in touch for advice on insurance, contact Tanya on or 07585 709860.

All images courtesy of Premier Sports Solutions

References: *Stats come from Brake, the charity that promotes road safety and safe driving.

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